They rescued a Bengal tiger and a lioness from a field in Santa Fe


Gendarmerie personnel rescued this Monday a lioness and a Bengal tiger from a field located in the south of the province of Santa Fe. The troops arrived at the place and carried out the operation with the support of the Environmental Control Brigade of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable development.

The two animals were in captivity, in poor condition and in precarious and makeshift cages. On the farm, belonging to a couple, they also found two talking parrots, a capybara and a nutria, which could also be rescued.

The operation, which was carried out by Complex Crimes Investigations and Judicial Procedures Unit “Venado Tuerto” with the support of the Environmental Control Brigade, was ordered by the prosecutor Iván Raposo, from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in the framework of the case for violation of the Fauna Conservation Law (22,241) and the Convention on international trade in threatened species (Law 22,344).

The researchers arrived at the “San Esteban” establishment where, according to the information they had, a bear also lived long ago, whose remains they could not find yet. Following the inspection, the uniformed they found four feline skulls that were buried.

The rescued specimens were distributed in three improvised cages with metallic mesh. The people who managed the property they did not have the corresponding documentation to prove the legal origin of the animals. Both were charged and could receive a conviction of six months to five years.

A family from Mendoza rescued a crowned eagle, a species that is in danger of extinction

At the end of May, they found her dying and unable to fly, on the side of Route 153, in Mendoza. When the locals noticed the state of the bird, they notified the personnel of the Directorate of Natural Resources, who resorted to the place.

After communicating about what was happening, the agency’s staff went for the rescue operation. Subsequently, the care and diagnosis tasks were coordinated the state of the animal, as commented from the Directorate.

Thus, the animal was transferred for its first veterinary attention, to Mendoza Ecopark, where the veterinary service received her and then continue her transfer to the Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center SOS Wild Action, on Saint Charles.

“The first blood studies showed a bit of anemia and that his body weight was not optimal, since he was very delgada”Said one of the SOS Wild Action reports. In turn, he pointed out that the bird had a broken jaw, which prevented him from ingesting food, and would explain his low weight.

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