The clock is ticking on our planet. Take action, or get out of the way – The


It was a frightening awakening early this past Wednesday morning.
I hastily looked out the window. The orange hue in my room was reminiscent of the Aug. 19 morning when the hills of Vacaville were burning.
This brought an immediate anxiety that the hellfire had returned.
The orange sky illuminated the ground with the look of doom and desolation to come.
It is a look that is forever embedded in my brain.
I immediately went outdoors, but everything was extremely quiet. There were no sirens and warnings to evacuate, but the sky was nonetheless very surreal. I grabbed my hose and began doing what I do every late evening and early morning: Soak the grounds, especially my beloved trees that are a help in providing the animals and myself with oxygen.
I also took pictures from different angles to document this strange occurrence.
There was still only quiet, which was a relief, but the look of Armageddon hadn’t changed.
I was on autopilot throughout this experience. Suddenly the hourglass logo of Extinction Rebellion — a symbol and a warning that many species of animals and flora are going extinct every day and maybe we humans are next — popped in my mind.
Most elected leaders for the last decades have been unmoved by the findings of environmental science and to the plight of generations asking to initiate drastic changes over the climate crisis — which is very real and far from a hoax.
The extreme heat we are experiencing will only fuel more fires and ravish the life and land we inhabit. As California, Oregon, Colorado and other areas continue to burn, lives, homes, pets, livestock, wildlife and one’s lifelong possessions are being destroyed.
Climate change is real and we need efficient modifications put in place to combat this crisis by the elected leaders who govern the world.
One must no longer deny science for the benefit of big business profit.
No more delays and excuses. Action is imperative.
It can no longer be permissible for big business to decimate the forests, fauna and animal life that are integral to our lives. The mass destruction allowed by our leaders for industry profit — which compromises our clean air, clean water and common sense — must be halted immediately.
Those who permit such harm must be held accountable and in contempt for harming society.
If our leaders continue to deny scientific facts and evidence that have contributed to the death of millions of species of creatures and plants every day that are a crucial necessity for health and survival of the planet, they must be removed from office. They are not leading, but are only contributing to our demise.
The Extinction Rebellion was born in the United Kingdom on May 2018 as a grassroots movement concerned for the disasters in the environment and the critical at peril survival of future generations. This effort is labeled by deniers and pro-corporations as a disruption of their daily lives due to the tactics and demonstrations that are beginning to take notice in nations around the world. While the critics seek to silence the voice of reason and deny the health of the planet as they go home and eat their hamburgers — something that has caused thousands upon thousands of hectares of deforestation to create cattle grazing land while millions of species disappear from the earth forever — the worldwide demonstrators voice unity in ending such mass destruction.
The demonstrators wear red, representing the blood of the animals raised by cattle barons and the wildlife extinction due to lack of habitat. It also signifies the death of natives who bravely defended the land of their ancestors and the environmental activists who have been murdered in attempting to stop the rape and pillage of the earth.
Oil, coal industries and livestock grazing farming have destroyed our green lands and watersheds with lasting consequences. In order for the planet to sustain, demand for change is a must.
New viruses such as COVID-19, droughts, wars, increasing human population with…

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