Please Prevent Pollution: Only Snow and Rain Down the Storm Drain |


Did you know that the stormwater collections system is separate from the sewer system in Flagstaff? Water that is flushed down a sink or toilet is sent through a sewer collections system and is treated at one of two water reclamation plants before release. Stormwater flows into a separate stormwater drain, is not treated, and is directly released into the Rio de Flag or a tributary to the Rio de Flag, which eventually connects to the Little Colorado River. When stormwater is polluted with trash, debris and chemicals, it can damage riparian habitats, is poisonous to various fish and invertebrates, degrades recreational areas and can seep into the ground to contaminate groundwater supplies. Please do your part to keep our waterways healthy by avoiding single-use items, properly disposing of trash, not allowing your trashcans to overflow and picking up litter when you see it. Thank you for keeping Flagstaff beautiful!

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