Kao confirms fine fibre tech’s protective abilities against pollution and mask


This unique technology creates an ultra-thin membrane on the skin that is created by spraying the skin with a polymer solution of superfine fibres by using an electrospinning device.

In the latest study by the firm’s Skin Care Research Laboratory, Makeup Research Laboratory and Analytical Science Laboratory, the fine fibre membrane was found to keep particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) from coming into contact with the skin.

By observing the fine fibre membrane of a skin model through an electron microscope, researchers saw that atmospheric pollutants such as pollen, dust, graphite and PM2.5 were retained by the membrane.

According to Kao, the fine fibre membrane was able to capture these pollutants because of its structure, which contains innumerable minute gaps that are approximately 1.8 microns.

In comparison, pollen is approximately 30 to 50 microns while dust is around 10 microns. At 1.8 microns, the membrane is easily able to capture those as well as PM2.5.

The scientists found that removing the membrane resulted in the near complete removal of all atmospheric pollutants.

At the same time, the team observed that the membrane was able to absorb sebum secreted from the skin.

An experiment conducted on 29 women in their twenties to fifties showed that the fine fibre membrane was able to absorb 72% of sebum after four hours.

While there are currently film formers on the market that can similarly protect the skin against external pollutants, Kao believes its technology has a leg up.

“We believe that the fine fibre membrane can absorb sebum from the skin and protect the body from the external environment, while also retaining moisture in the skin. Even though there have been other polymeric coating products in the past, they mostly had thick membranes that resulted in an unnatural appearance, and none of them had the above skin functions,”​ said Masayuki Uchiyama, a senior researcher with Kao’s Skin Care Research Laboratory.

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