Japanese shipping company NYK vows to meet environment goals


NYK is a global transport company that has been a major contributor to the world economy and has helped improve the quality of life of people around the globe. The motto of NYK Group mission is “Bringing value to life”. The group has announced, “The NYK Group ESG Story” which declared the policy of united management strategy of ‘Environmental, social, and governance’ in February 2021.

“Currently, ESG and SDGs are keywords for the entire world. These are important requests from the world’s society for our company. In addition, we recognize that it is a challenge that we must seriously tackle now towards the end of the 21st century or the 22nd century,” said Hitoshi Nagasawa, President of NYK Line. “I would like to talk first about the environment. Decarbonisation is now required by global society. The Japanese government has announced 46 percent decarbonisation in 30 years and 0 carbon in 50 years. Major countries in the world think the same way. In that situation, we are using a large amount of fossil fuels to do business, so we are asking, ‘How can we reduce them?’ We should think. Ultimately, we have to use fuels that do not emit CO2, so we have to use purely 0 carbon fuel, not ammonia or hydrogen generated from fossil fuels,” Nagasawa added.

He further said, “On the other, we are considering two policies. Since gas is used as fuel with existing technology, we are considering increasing the number of LNG and LPG-fuelled vessels. Depending on the size of the ship, only LNG is not available, so we are thinking of reducing such ships by changing the shape of the ship even a little with existing technology and by improving various engines. The other is to study and develop new fuels, hydrogen, ammonia, and batteries in partnership with various institutions.” Further elaborating Nagasawa said, “For example, we operate about 120 to 130 ships that carry cars. We have decided to operate all new ships with gas. In addition, the long-term vision will be created with broad opinion, and a concrete roadmap will be completed.”

The NYK Group’s guiding principles for the future will contribute to protecting the environment and the people. (ANI)

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